About myself

In order to explain something, people are trying to identify a particular phenomenon within certain frameworks and compare everything with conventional models. In many cases this is far from truth but what can we do. People call me in different ways: for someone I'm psychic, for others - a healer, even magician, a sorcerer, even the pastor I had to "be". I do not consider myself to any of these categories (or similar to them).
I am - Godlevskyi Konstantin Petrovich, is the same person as everyone else. I'm trying, above all, to be myself, to notice the smallest things all over, listen to everything, choose precious pearls from the surroundings, which are necessarily tested by my own.
At a certain time in my life I had to seriously reflect on why there are people who can put on the feet the most hopeless patients. Why are these people so special? How can they do it? Can I do it? In general, I had got much more questions than answers. However, the amount of issues at present has increased more and now I realize that it is normal. We should not stop we have to move continually forward.
On this way of knowledge I had to get acquainted with various techniques, to meet people who prompted, taught and directed me. I am grateful to each of them. Especially I would like to share my impressions of the meeting quite extraordinary person who greatly helped me. I remember the farewell words of this person: "... and now go and work. Make your own style and never refer anyone, in particular me. Do you have a choice - to become a person, or ...". The assessment what have I already done will give me people. I chose only one criterion - the result.