Matter of approach

"One of the hidden axioms of physics surmises that everything is based on the principle of simplicity. There will be no difference of what kind of the future universe laws will be, one can say with certainty, they will be endowed with simplicity"
Dr. Fred Alan Wolf.

Sometimes what we see depends on the angle from which we look. Perhaps, in order to get closer to the truth, you must discard the stereotypical perception, try to look at everything from different angles. As a rule, first we see around only complexity and attempt to explain everything with very clever tricks. But time passes, and appeared a feeling of very simple laws influence, although there is not always a scientific explanation.
Each of us, at least once, thought about the fact that there is nothing more perfect as that what was created by nature. The human body is a component of this brand. From the very beginning of human development triggered the launch mechanism of the program, which fully controls the further growth. With age, this mechanism slows down. But this indivisible substance (cell memory management center) stays, figuratively speaking, unchangeable. This unchanging essence I call h-quants (from Eng. «Health»). Consequently, a person in order to have an opportunity to restore its health must only transfer the operation of this mechanism into the active phase.
There are a lot of methods and approaches that could be used to carry everything out. For a general understanding, for example, you can get acquainted with the technique of ThetaHealing, whose founder was Vianna Staybl or examine the technique of quantum displacement by Frank Kinslow. Interesting and stable results are obtained by the approach of an internationally recognized lecturer and healer Tom de Winter. Also widespread is such direction as "Human Design", which is based on the synthesis of a variety of knowledge and a concept which has an admission that we all live in a certain information field consisting of endless smallest particles, which are now known in physics as the neutrino. About neutrino mechanism speaks also well-known person - V.M. Gavrilyuk. And this is just a tiny fraction of all the things to which the mankind was able to come to. If you make an attempt to summarize all the possible directions, there is a feeling that no matter how detailed and qualified would be described and explained each of the proposed models (some projections), on some level, everything should be reduced to the same very simple mechanism. Most generally all of that above is contained into the works of Dr. Eric Pearl from the USA, when he was trying to explain the phenomenon that had been found by him, which he called reunification (The Reconnection); as well as in a very interesting book by Zivorad Slavinskogo "Return to Unity. Principles and Practice of Spiritual Technology".
Summarizing the above, we can conclude that for the resumption of its state the person has everything needed at the micro, and macro levels. Of course, within the existing paradigm, not all can be explained. I have just tried to outline the potential and possible ways of searching. Everyone has an incredible potential. It exists objectively. And everyone can enable it. And most importantly, that in this way you can get rid of most of the priority acquired diseases. Check and act because knowledge with no experience, do not give anything. Practice shows that skills have a big value. But, for some reason, to make the most simple step is the hardest thing.