... our goal was to create such natural products that will not only preserve their natural properties, but also would have features that are not inherent to the individual components and bring maximum benefit and satisfaction to the person. These products were not tested with the heat treatment and do not contain any artificial preservatives, dyes and other additives that are not natural. All raw materials are manually collected in ecologically clean place Rivne region of Ukraine.

Bozhyna (black elderberry)

There are only nine plants in the world that are recognized by all doctors. One of them is black elderberry. In Ukraine, it is called bozhyna. Elder is a medicinal and useful food product. Its fruits contain sugars, organic acids (citric, malic, acetic, coffee, wine, valerian), ascorbic acid, carotene, tannins, dyes, tyrosine, hryzantemin, sambutsyn, necessary to every person iodine (composed of mineral salts). In the laboratory conditions out of elderberry fruit was isolated a substance whose action compared with human sex hormones. The juice of black elderberry has a strong analgesic effect (for properties similar to morphine, but without the side effects). In addition, the use of fruit promotes the accelerated withdrawal of radionuclides from the body. Action of elderberry fruit is very long. Also elderberry fruit has antitumor properties (containing anthocyanin pigment that inhibits cancer cell division). Broth and extracts from elderberry has long been considered as elixir of life. A wine with elderberry is one of the first wines which is mentioned in Celtic mythology, and endowed with incredible magical properties. In England even today there is a closed community of black elderberry wine lovers.
Thanks to the author's receipt it would managed to keep completely all the properties of fresh fruit and combine this with the benefits that provides natural wine. As a result, we got a product, which not only saves these two aspects, but reinforces each of them a few dozen times. In addition, this new product has the individual approaches properties.

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Herbal Treasures

Our nature is generous and full of natural medicines. What we call now medicine since ancient times was used as food products. Our ancestors used the gifts of nature, accumulating knowledge about the miraculous properties of various plants. A person is that what it consumes. If your dietary today is far from natural and you realize it, it means that you will open a lot of new findings and discoveries. It is not necessary or even desirable drastically change your habits: it can be done gradually, gently and comfortably. The human body is a complete balanced system. With the same properties, in fact, are endowed the plants, and therefore it would not correct to say that each separately taken plant has a particular aimed action. There is always a range. It is worth to look more attentively, and nature offers needed combinations of plants for effective use by its own. Taking this into account, it was managed to develop such areas that simultaneously reflect the whole spectrum and are aimed effects on the body, namely: strengthening the immune system, normalize metabolism and regulation of the gastrointestinal tract. The content and structure of each of the areas are authoring researched. Bracing collection contains 17 ingredients, collection for normalization of metabolism - 19 components, gastrointestinal collection - 21 components. The minimum content of each component not less than 0.5%, maximum - no more than 7%, except gathering aimed at improving metabolism and weight normalization, which includes fruits and grains tsydoniyi with mass fraction of 72%. There are, on request, individual receipts according to the needs of the person.

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Pine treasure

Pine is natural air cleaner and volatile carrier on the Earth. This is pantry of great medicines, good helper to people in all directions. Humanity, summarizing its experience and observation, always finds some more possibilities of pine using. Let’s recall the wonderful microatmosphere created with pine around the place where it grows. With medical purposes needles (leaves), buds, cones, bark, pollen, even wood; products of primary and secondary processing, tar, resin, turpentine, rosin, coal; fractions of different ways of refining raw materials: essential oils, as are the various components (pinene, Karen, dipenten, terpinokol), many acids and more. In the shoots contain high amounts of vitamin C, carotene, essential oils have antiseptic effect. During long time they are used as a strong and effective remedy. Green pine cones are source of iron and contain many other nutrients. As part of these cones there are substances such as hydrocarbons monoterpinovi, lipids, linoleic and oleic acids, tannins, bioflavonoids, and other useful nutrients. Thanks to the author's approach we could find a certain proportion. If combine this proportion, all its properties reinforce, which are individually contained in young shoots and green pine cones.

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